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Awning Cleaning

The following is an example of one of my previous jobs, which first shows the before and after of a sample section I did as a test before I even got the job. It took many hours to achieve the results shown, because of the advanced staining that had been left to accumulate and sink deeper into the pores and stitching of the fabric over a number of years. But because of my extreme tenacity, and working knowledge of the approapriate cleaning solutions, I was finally able to produce the results shown. In the past, even other companies could not achieve these results, and the stains were'nt even as bad. So after the initial test to show what I could do for the customer, they were naturally very satisfied, and the go ahead was given to finish the job, which is shown by the lower pic taken after the job was complete.

Now your awnings most probably aren't as soiled with mildew and air contaminants as this example was, so it should be easier to clean, saving me time, and therefore you money. But most importantly it will give you back the pride in the appearance of your business entryway, helping to further exemplify your companies image. And once your awnings are brought back to life after a good cleaning, I would recommend keeping up there care by periodically re-cleaning them to maintain them in a condition you would be proud of showing your customers. The choice is up to you. Other services are also available based on your needs, including residential. So please call, and let's discuss your fabric or vinyl cleaning needs, at which time we can plan a next course of action.

Awning Cleaning Job - Before and After
Awning Cleaning Job - Completed
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We Have A 14 Day Residential Rain Guarantee. If it rains within 14 days of us cleaning your windows, and the rain leaves any spots on any of your newly cleaned windows, we will return to your property within 72 hrs, to redo the affected windows.
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