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Premier Window Cleaning is a listed affiliate technician in the Dallas area with the glass restoration network
Chandelier Cleaning
Another one of our specialties is Chandelier Cleaning. In order to properly clean a chandelier, the person doing the job must have nerves of steel, and have tons of patience. It takes a very steady hand, and the ability to stand on a ladder for hours on end focusing on cleaning each individual crystal that comprises your entire chandelier. A mild cleaning solution is used, along with various style cleaning cloths, and small tipped cleaning apparatuses to adequately clean all the nooks and crannies of your valued chandelier. I have done chandeliers that have taken between one to sixteen hours to finish. And so I can say with great pride that I have what it takes to bring back your chandelier to a shimmering, sparkling, glamorous state, you are sure to be satisfied with. So when it comes to chandelier cleaning, Premier Window Cleaning is the right choice to make. Plus we are fully insured for extra peace of mind.
We wear white cotton gloves when we clean your valued chandeliers
We clean each crystal by hand
We are very careful when cleaning your valued chandelier
Window Screen Repair
Window Screen Repair is another service we offer. If your current screens are ripped, torn, or simply fadded, we can take them back to the shop with us for a few days, and return them with all new screening and spline material, and if need be, new plastic angled corners for extra durability. Also during the process, we will clean the current framing, making sure all removable dirt, including any other inner tube debris that has built up over time, is removed. We use the standard Suntex charcoal colored mesh most screens use; Or we can use the thicker 80% black sun blocking sunscreen mesh product that is the same material that most sunscreens are made of. They are more pet resistant, and certainly help block out more of the Texas heat and suns rays during the summertime. The choice is yours. Pricing varies between $12-$20 per screen depending on quantity, complexity, and type material you choose.
We carry Suntex 80 sunscreen mesh
We replace all old spline cord with every screen repair
We replace all broken angled edges
If you have worn, faded, or broke screens, we can fix, or replace them for a very affordable low price
We carry Suntex charcoal screen mesh
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We clean ceiling fans
We clean skylights
We clean coach lights

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We Have A 14 Day Residential Rain Guarantee. If it rains within 14 days of us cleaning your windows, and the rain leaves any spots on any of your newly cleaned windows, we will return to your property within 72 hrs, to redo the affected windows.
Our pledge to our customers is providing 100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed! We want your experience with us to be exceptional. That goes for the quality of workmanship we provide for you. Including our service in general. So if there is ever anything you feel needs correcting, then we want to know, so we can provide you, our valued customer, the best service possible.