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Nanotechnology For Window Cleaning


So how does this help you and save you money? Once the product is applied correctly, your windows will look good as new, all the stains will be gone, and instead of the stains re-appearing in 5 to 8 months, they will continue to look great for at least 2 years. The window cleaning company that does the windows for your building or home will take much less time cleaning that glass and you may be able to have the service down to 2 times a year as opposed to 4. (Or, 1 time a year instead of 2)*

So, lets say if you are a property manager, and you are paying $2,000 for window cleaning every time your company cleans. That's $8,000 a year. If you had this treatment done for your windows, & had to pay say... $4,000; Since the treatments effects last for 2 years, you could now cut your service to twice per year, and you would save $6,000 in window cleaning costs that could go towards other projects. (If you brought the frequency down to once a year, the savings would still be significant at $2,000 over a 2 year period)*

So, not only does it save money but it really makes the glass look and stay cleaner.

How does it work? This product was developed using the same technology that is used for polishing high-end optics, lithography and laser lenses. Using chemical and mechanical polishing mechanisms, the NanoUltra products are able to remove tough organic and inorganic stains consequently leaving the architectural galss surface smooth and defect free. A transparent protection is added that creates a self-maintaining surface, much different than the coatings offered by glass manufacturers that offer self cleaning glass that requires UV rays and rain water to clean with.

The second step to this 2 part process which makes the glass hydrophilic is the best part. When water hits the glass, instead of beading, it runs off in a sort of sheeting action, and dry’s faster without spotting (moreso, if the windows do not have much dust on them).

If you take a look at the photo on the top right side of this post you will see how the stuff works. Truly an amazing product. If you are a property manager, building owner or a homeowner, and are interested in having this applied to your windows, please feel free to give us a call, or send us a message on the Contact Us page and we can tell you more and how much it will cost.

Keep Your Windows Cleaner Longer!

How is this possible? Glad you asked.  All building owners and property managers want to reduce costs of maintenance, as much as possible, without sacrificing quality. Its a constant search, for the homeowner as well. There is a new product on the market that uses nantechnology to actually keep your windows clean longer, and keeps silicates and hard water stains from forming for up to 2 years. Amazing right?

How the product works in a nutshell is this; first it removes the stain, then fills the pores in the glass, polish’s the glass, and then turns the glass hydrophilic (water loving).

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