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Residential Window Cleaning

 Our goal here at Premier Window Cleaning, is to treat every customer as if they were the most important person around, because to us, you genuinely are. With all the choices available to you out there, it's our honor that you choose us to be your window cleaning company, and we make sure it shows in the work that we perform.

  As the owner, I take personal pride in paying attention to every detail to make sure you get a professional job done right, each and every time. It's your hard earned money you're spending, and I respect that. So it's equally, if not even more important to me, that I give you extra value for your money. It's a reflection of the reputation I strive to continue to build for this company, and so the quality of the work performed will never be compromised. And to me, this principle attitude alone makes us "second to none".

   Your windows will be thoroughly cleaned, allowing you to enjoy

Service Area:

the views they have to offer, as close to the day they were new. And since we clean the dirt off the entire window area, including the frames, sills, and ledges, they will look great from the outside too, giving your home that extra "curb appeal".

   During the process, as we make our way around the outside of your home, we will take extra care around your flower garden, landscape lighting, and shrubs. And on the inside, we use drop cloths, and are careful around your curtains, and other areas that require consideration. And naturally we will move back any furniture that had to be moved, when we're done.

   We also go back over every window to make sure they're as clean as can be, before any job is called "complete", to make sure that no smudges, streaks, or smears, are left behind. So with that being said, I hope we can be of service to you, and will do all we can in helping you achieve "your goal" of clean windows.

We Have A 14 Day Residential Rain Guarantee. If it rains within 14 days of us cleaning your windows, and the rain leaves any spots on any of your newly cleaned windows, we will return to your property within 72 hrs, to redo the affected windows.
Our pledge to our customers is providing 100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed! We want your experience with us to be exceptional. That goes for the quality of workmanship we provide for you. Including our service in general. So if there is ever anything you feel needs correcting, then we want to know, so we can provide you, our valued customer, the best service possible.